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Aquatic Life 48" G2 T5HO Hybrid 4-Lamp Mounting System Fixture
Aquatic Life 48" G2 T5HO Hybrid 4-Lamp Mounting System Fixture
Aquatic Life 48" G2 T5HO Hybrid 4-Lamp Mounting System Fixture
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!
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*Updated mounting kit for combining your LED aquarium light fixture with T5 HO lighting
* Included Décor Endplates conceal light power cords for a stylish aquarium presentation
*For use with Kessil, EcoTech Marine, and Aqua Illumination aquarium LED light fixtures

Updated mounting frame for combining T5HO and LED aquarium lighting now includes decorative endplates that neatly conceal light power cords for a sleek and stylish presentation. The Aquatic Life 48" G2 T5HO Hybrid 4-Lamp Mounting System allows you to easily combine two of the most popular aquarium lighting technologies (T5HO fluorescent and LED) into one sleek hybrid fixture. This clever hybrid mounting frame accommodates up to four T5HO fluorescent lamps and employs highly regarded HEP™ brand ballasts that drive all types of T5HO lamps including popular ATI™ and Giesemann™ brand high output T5 fluorescent lamps. Unique reflector design keeps light output focused inside the aquarium to optimize usable light. Silicone socket endcaps protect the ends of the lamps from moisture and salt creep to help extend reliable use near harsh aquarium conditions.

The Aquatic Life 48" G2 T5HO Hybrid 4-Lamp Mounting System (mfg #420618) accommodates AquaIllumination Hydra 26 & Hydra 52, EcoTech Radion XR15w & XR30w, Kessil A360 & AP700, and HM Electronics Cetus 2 LED pendant light.

Suspension hardware included - Lamps, mounting arms and LED fixtures NOT included.

Aquatic Life 48" G2 T5HO Hybrid 4-Lamp Mounting System (mfg #420618)

  • Includes six (6) Standard Brackets* (for EcoTech and AI)
  • Assembled fixture dimensions: 48"L x 18"W (front to back)
  • Assembled fixture weight: 15lbs

*Please Note: Kessil mounting brackets are NOT included but will fit this fixture

Installation, Operation & Maintenance Guide
When maintained properly, this unit will provide you with years of service. Your Generation 2 Hybrid fixture includes the decorative endcaps to conceal the power cords on both sides of the fixture. In addition, the power cord now uses a C14 type connector, making it easy to switch the type of power outlet plug or extend the length of the cord. The HEP® brand ballasts work with 100-277 V, 50-60 Hz electric and use end-of-life protection to prevent bad lamps from lighting.


Step 1 – Lay the two fixtures on a surface that won’t scratch the finish. Power cords should be positioned on opposite sides and the power cords should be closest to the outside of the fixture.

Step 2 – Slide the suspension hardware into the channels on each fixture.

Step 3 – Attach the metal endplate to each side of the fixture using the longest screws. The metal endplates have a cutout to go around the power cord on each side of the fixture. The endplates also have additional holes that are larger and designed to go over the screws pre-installed on the ends of the fixture housings.

Step 4 – Install the bracket needed to mount your LED fixture between the two T5HO fixture housings. The brackets will rest in the channels on the fixture housings and are then secured in place with the shortest screws.

Step 5 – Remove the reflector protective film and install the T5HO Lamps of your choice into the silicone endcaps. Secure the lamps with the clip at the end of each lamp.

Step 6 – Install your LED fixture onto one or several of the LED brackets. The rectangular bracket has multiple slots where a screw can pass through to secure the LED fixture.

Step 7 - IMPORTANT: Before installing the Decor Endcap, pre-thread each of the outer sheet metal screws into the holes in the new metal endplate. When the screws are halfway into the hole, remove them for next step.

Step 8 – Place the fixture power cord in the lower channel and the LED cords in the upper channel of the decor endcap. The LED cords will route through the “U” cutouts on top of the endplate.

Step 9 – Position the decor endcap over the four open holes on the new endplate.

Step 10 – Using the metal (pointed) screws, attach the endcap using the two outer holes. Place the non-pointed screws in the two middle holes and secure with nuts.

Step 11 – Repeat steps for other end of fixture.

Step 12 – Create a loop at the top of the cables and secure the cable by tightening the screws. Suspend the fixture safely above the aquarium.

Step 13 – To loosen the wire pulled through the adjustment hardware, press the small button that is positioned around the wire at the top of the hardware. Gently pull down on the adjustment hardware until the fixture is back to where originally measured.

PROBLEM: One side of the Hybrid Fixture is not working. 99.9% of the time when one side of the Hybrid fixture is not working, it is a lamp issue. Even new lamps can be prone to not working.

The HEP® brand ballasts used in the Hybrid fixtures include an end-of-life protection feature. This means if one of the lamps are not firing properly, it will stop the ballast from working. This feature prevents the lamp from overheating and possibly causing a fire.


  1. Unplug both sides of the Hybrid fixture and turn it over so you can see the lamps.
  2. Number the silver ends of the lamps with a permanent marker (1, 2, 3, 4).
  3. Plug in both sides of the Hybrid fixture and make a note of which number lamps are not working.
  4. Unplug the two fixtures. Swap the lamps between the working side with the non-working side. Make sure to move them as a pair. NOTE: It is important to unplug the fixture to reset the end-of-life protection in the ballast.
  5. Plug in the fixture that was not working. It should now be working.

The ballasts used in the Hybrid fixture are a "Series" type, meaning that if one lamp is bad, both lamps will not work in the fixture.

You can now try different combinations of the numbered (1, 2, 3, 4) lamps to determine which lamp(s) is bad.

All HEP ballasts are tested in every fixture prior to boxing and shipping. If you need additional support, please contact the AquaticLife Customer Service at

Turn off the power to the T5HO Fixture and LED Fixtures and unplug the fixtures. Wipe the housing with a clean moist/semi-dry cloth to remove dust, salt and other debris that may build-up on the fixture.

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