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HYDROS Half U Clips for Rope Leak
HYDROS Half U Clips for Rope Leak
HYDROS Half U Clips for Rope Leak
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* 10 pack of Half-U installation clips for the HYDROS Rope Leak Sensor
* Use to easily secure your flexible HYDROS Rope Leak Sensor in place
* Also great as cord organizers and for any electrical aquarium equipment

Practical accessory for your HYDROS Rope Leak Sensor Kit. Convenient 10-pack of half u-clips easily secures your HYDROS Rope Leak Sensor in place to help ensure thorough aquarium leak detection you can monitor via the HYDROS app. Provide additional anchoring points for secure installation of your HYDROS Rope Leak Sensor especially when connecting multiple Rope Leak Sensors for use around larger aquariums. HYDROS Half U Clips are also great for use as cord organizers for most electrical aquarium equipment.

HYDROS Control aquarium controllers and other HYDROS accessories sold separately.

Why Use a Rope-Style Leak Detection Sensor? A problem with traditional solid surface leak sensors is that you have to buy several to really feel a sense of security. What are the odds water will pool in the exact spot where a single sensor sits? With a rope-style water sensor, you can simply wrap it around your aquarium, sump, stand, or wherever else you like. This type of sensor makes a lot more sense when you want leak detection security in a wider area. Plus, HYDROS leak detection rope sensors can be daisy-chained together to cover a larger perimeter for extra protection. Got a big tank? You can lengthen the line of defense around your large aquarium simply by connecting multiple rope sensors together. HYDROS Rope Leak Sensors do not need an additional power source, even if you connect multiple lengths together. Rope leak detectors do not occupy outlets on power strips or require a HYDROS Drive port connection to operate.

General Information Hydros aquarium controllers are the next generation of automated aquarium devices. Rather than relying on each individual device’s brain and programming capacity, the Hydros Control units have their own CPU and control capabilities. Hydros Control devices remove the problem of incompatible ports and need to continually add modules to expand your aquarium’s automation system. This new technology is called the Hydros Sense Port. The Sense Port is an entirely new concept in aquarium monitoring technology. A Sense Port is a generic input port that can accept data from numerous different types of sensors. Drive Ports provide 12-volt power for controlling ATO pumps, cooling fans, and other devices. Hydros is the future of automation!

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