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Marineland® Rite-Size™ JH Floss Sleeve
Marineland® Rite-Size™ JH Floss Sleeve
Marineland® Rite-Size™ JH Floss Sleeve
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*Replacement floss for the Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter
*Removes and traps unsightly debris particles from aquarium water
*Change filter sleeve monthly to ensure optimal filter performance

Keep your Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter functioning at peak performance. Marineland Rite-Size JH Floss Sleeve for monthly changes provides efficient mechanical filtration to remove and trap unsightly debris particles from the aquarium water column. Floss sleeve is specially designed with fine mesh, which traps and holds particulate matter, while the sleeve's open cell construction promotes water flow without impairing overall filter performance.

Change Marineland Rite-Size JH Floss Sleeve monthly to prolong chemical filter media life and to prevent premature clogging.

Marineland Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter Maintenance
Note: To perform routine maintenance on your filter, you should first unplug the filter and remove it from your aquarium.

  • Clean the Micron Cartridge: The Micron Cartridge is dirty when the filter flow rate is significantly reduced. To clean the Micron Cartridge: Thoroughly rinse with tap water under pressure until the Micron Cartridge is clean. If the Micron Cartridge will not come clean, replace it. For uninterrupted operation, use of a second cartridge is recommended to allow for cleaning. Never brush or machine wash the Micron Cartridge, or use other chemical on the cartridge.
  • Replace the Rite-Site JH Floss Sleeve: For best results, rinse or replace the floss sleeve monthly.
  • Replace Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon: Replace the carbon monthly, since carbon deactivates with use.
  • Rinse the strainer to clear any debris.

About Marineland
Marineland's history is a story of innovation. That spirit of innovation is alive and well at Marineland. You can find it in products as diverse as the Magnum canister filter and the revolutionary Advanced LED Lighting Systems. So whatever your passion - fresh or saltwater, big or small - count on Marineland to bring you the most reliable, the most technically advanced, and the highest quality aquariums and accessories on the market.

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