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Aqueon Versa-Tops
Aqueon Versa-Tops
Aqueon Versa-Tops
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!
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*Versatile glass aquarium canopies fit most standard size Aqueon aquariums
*Covers aquariums to reduce evaporation and prevent fish from jumping out
*Glass tops provide a protective layer between aquarium and light fixtures

These glass canopies are perfect for tropical or saltwater setups.

Aqueon Versa-Tops glass canopies includes a clear vinyl back strip to add approximately 2" to the total width. Back strip helps create a tight seal but openings can be easily cut out to accommodate heaters, filters, and other vital aquarium equipment and accessories. Versa-Top is stylish and versatile enough to match any room décor.

Sized to fit Aqueon brand aquariums. Please measure the top of your aquarium to ensure correct sizing.

Model Aquarium Size Front Panel Dimensions (LxW) Rear Panel Dimensions (LxW)
w/o back strip
Item #930793
10 or 20 gallon 19-11/32" x 3-25/32" 19-11/32" x 3-25/32"
Item #930816
15 gallon, 20H, 30X, 33L, 40L, 55 gallon 23-3/16" x 4-9/16" 23-3/16" x 4-9/16"
Item #930819
20L, 29, 37 gallon 29-3/16" x 4-17/32" 29-3/16" x 4-17/32"
Item #930832
30, 38, 45 gallon 35-1/8" x 4-1/2" 35-1/8" x 4-1/2"
36" x 18"
Item #930845
50brdr, 65 16-7/8" x 5" (2x) panels 16-7/8" x 9-7/16" (2x) panels
48" x 18"
Item #930871
75, 90, 110X gallon 2 - 22-1/8" x 5" (2X) panels 2 - 22-1/8" x 9" (2X) panels
72" x 18"
Item #930884
125, 150 gallon 3 - 22-1/8" x 5" (3X) panels 3 - 22-1/8" x 9" (3X) panels

When choosing the right canopy, the type of livestock that you are going to keep in the aquarium will also need to be taken into consideration prior to purchasing a canopy. If you are not sure or are thinking that you may switch the type of species you are going to keep in the future, a glass canopy is the best choice due to its versatility.

Customer Testimonials

Stacey Chaffee Hurricane , UT
I purchased two of these 24" tops for my 55 gallon aquarium. They fit perfectly and the back filter that was included helped me fill the gaps around my HOB filters. The handles were super easy to attach. They stay in place and make lifting the lids much easier and safer. There were no chips or cracks anywhere in the glass. Now my light can shine through to anything I plant in it. Make sure you measure the inner edges of your tank so you get the right size. I definitely recommend these tops.
Steven Jones St Joseph , MO
What can I say. The best purchase I ever made for a pet related online order. I got the 72 x 18 top within two days and it came packed with extreme care. If I need anything for my tank. Live aquaria will be were I order.
Shelia Ball Farber , MO
I ordered one 30x12 and two 24x12. They are the perfect size and the clear back strip was easy to put on. Makes my tanks look so much better. This company also packs everything every well and ships it fast. Great company. Glad I found them.
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