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Ocean Nutrition Marine Seaweed Selects
Ocean Nutrition Marine Seaweed Selects
Ocean Nutrition Marine Seaweed Selects
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* Nutritious dried seaweed (macroalgae) sheets for grazing aquarium fish
* Easy way to supplement the diet of herbivorous and omnivorous fish
* Premium quality marine algae is natural source of nutrients for aquarium fish

Made from 100% natural dried macroalgae, Seaweed Selects supply an excellent source of vegetable protein, vitamins, amino acids, and natural pigments. Your herbivorous fish will also digest it much more completely than foods derived from "land-based" vegetables, like lettuce. Rip off any size piece from the convenient sheets, and attach them to a vegetable clip or rubber band it to a rock to let your fish graze in a natural fashion. Each pack contains 10 large (6" x 7.4") and 10 small (2.2" x 7.4") sheets. Choose from 30 grams Green Marine Algae or 30 grams Red Marine Algae.

Ocean Nutrition Marine Seaweed Selects

Optimal food source for all species of marine Tangs, Angels, Wrasses, Damsels, and some Butterflyfish as well as freshwater herbivorous fish.

Green Marine Algae

Ingredients: Dried kelp, garlic extract.

Guaranteed Analysis
Protein 36.9% min.
Fat 3.7% min.
Fiber 4.5% max.
Moisture 10.2% max.
Ash 8.0% max.
Phosphorus 0.5% max.

Feeding Guide for All
Tear off a piece of seaweed approximately two inches by three inches (for the average 50-gallon community aquarium) and place in the aquarium using a vegetable clip or attach seaweed to an aquarium rock using a rubber band or other practical technique (folding the seaweed piece prior to placement is recommended).

Allow fish to graze at their leisure. Any large seaweed pieces that break loose and float to the surface should be reattached. After 24 hours, remove any uneaten seaweed. This product should be used as a supplement to other food sources.

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