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Reef Octopus Classic HOB Protein Skimmers
Reef Octopus Classic HOB Protein Skimmers
Reef Octopus Classic HOB Protein Skimmers
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!
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* Hang-on-back aquarium protein skimmer with sleek ultraslim profile
* Excellent supplemental filtration for aquariums without sump filters
* Space-saving external mount design fits neatly behind your aquarium

Smart, space-saving solution for supplemental marine aquarium filtration. Reef Octopus Classic HOB Protein Skimmers offer marine aquariums without a sump-style filter a much-needed boost in achieving higher water quality - even if space limited! Slim, low profile skimmer measure just 4" deep, requiring less space for convenient installation behind your aquarium.

Reef Octopus Classic HOB Protein Skimmers feature a surface skimming inlet that helps remove oily surface film and organics from the water surface that would otherwise accumulate and hinder light penetration. Foam sponges on skimmer outlet help prevent microbubbles from entering the aquarium. Solid acrylic construction.

The Classic 1000 HOB features externally mounted pumps to eliminate potential heat transfer into your aquarium.

Reef Octopus Classic HOB Protein Skimmers are external mount units and hang on the back of your aquarium.


Classic 1000 HOB (Mfg# CLSC-1000HOB)
Dimensions: 8" x 3.5" x 17" high
Powered by: Reef Octopus Aquatrance 1000 Pinwheel Pump

Rated for aquariums up to:
  • 130 gallons - Light Bioload
  • 80 gallons - Medium Bioload
  • 60 gallons - Heavy Bioload


Classic 1000 HOB

  1. Assemble
  2. the skimmer according to included diagram. Hang it on the back of tank, tighten screw, and make sure it is fixed.
  3. Put aquarium water into the Skimmer Chamber until the water level is up to 8 inches. Close the Air Valve completely and start the power. After a few seconds, open the Air Valve as soon as the pump is working properly. When the bubbles come out perfectly, replace the Air Valve with the Silencer.
  4. Adjust the Water Outlet so that the Bubble Stopper (Defoaming Device) is located slightly above the water surface.

Collection Cup: Remove and clean at least once a week, depending on organic load. Cleaning will substantially enhance extraction.
Reaction Chamber: Clean inside at least once every six months.

Pump Information

Classic 1000 HOB (Mfg# CLSC-1000HOB)
Reef Octopus Aquatrance 1000s Pinwheel Pump
Wattage: 9w
Air Draw: 420 lph / 15 scfh*
Water Draw: 350 lph / 92 gph*

*Air and water results will vary depending on aquarium setup

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