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Current Orbit Marine IC PRO Dual LED System
Current Orbit Marine IC PRO Dual LED System
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Current Orbit Marine IC PRO Dual LED System
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!

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* Dual aquarium LED light fixture with modular LOOP control system
* Control aquarium lighting and water movement with a single remote
* Included wave pump HUB accommodates 3 optional EFlux pumps

Expandable LED light and water movement control system comes with two LED light fixtures to maximize light output. Current Orbit Marine IC PRO LED System Dual Wireless 24-hr Lighting and Wave Pump Control doubles the light output of the popular Current Orbit IC LED Marine Reef Lighting System with Wireless Lighting & Pump Control for vibrant, full color spectrum light that's noticeably more brilliant and vivid in color. Modular, expandable system lets you connect and sync lights, pumps, and accessories into a single, controllable network with greater ease.

What’s Included
Each Orbit Marine IC PRO LED lighting system includes two Orbit IC LED fixtures with adjustable docking legs, 12VDC UL approved transformers, wireless LOOP IC lighting & wave pump controller, Orbit IC lighting & wave pump HUB system, mounting hardware, and complete instructions.

Orbit Marine IC PRO LED Specifications
Model 36" - 48"
(Mfg# 4226)
(Mfg# 4228)
Fits Aquariums 36" to 48" 72"
Max Watts 72 144
Dimensions 34.8" x 7.5" x 0.44" 70.8" x 7.5" x 0.44"
Dual Actinic 445nm/460nm
LED's: 36/36
LED's: 72/72
Dual Daylight 6,700K/ 10,000K
LED's: 28/28
6,700K/ 10,000K
LED's: 56/56
RGB 16 32
Total Leds 144 288


  • Full spectrum output with Dual Actinic blue producing high PAR for strong coral growth and color

  • Advanced 90-degree optical lens technology provides superior color blending, and penetration
  • Solid aluminum construction, IP65 water resistant
  • IC LED chips provide unique light motion effects
  • Adjustable docking legs provide the perfect fit for aquariums
  • Produces ideal color spectrum for vibrant shimmer and color in marine fish, soft corals, and live rock aquariums

LOOP Light & Pump Controller
The wireless LOOP IC controller and included wave pump HUB provide everything needed to control up to three (3) EFlux Accessory Wave Pumps. Simulate wave pulses or surging water currents found on coral reefs with the touch of a button. Each sold separately.

  • Programmable 24-hour daily timer
  • Adjustable dawn, daylight, dusk, and moonlight color
  • Program daily weather patterns or use on-demand
  • Actively moving weather effects, including rolling cloud
  • Connect & control up to 3 EFlux wave pumps
  • Includes wireless IR remote, Bluetooth upgradeable

Quick Start Guide
Fixture Installation
Step 1
Unpack light fixture and components. Remove any plastic film on light fixture.
Step 2
Slide the adjustable docking legs on the side of the light fixture to match the length of your aquarium. (Refer to Orbit Adjustable Tank Mounting Bracket or Orbit Hanging Kit instructions if using those instead of sliding docking mounts.)
Step 3
Set fixture on aquarium and ensure docking legs fit snug on edges of aquarium.

Step 4
Choose a location underneath your aquarium cabinet free of excessive moisture and/or saltwater creep. Note: If you want the LOOP IC Controller (F) outside cabinet, ensure the mounting location is 8-12" away from where the IC Light & Wave Pump Manifold HUB (D) will be mounted.
Step 5
Using included wood mounting screws, mount the IC Light & Wave Pump HUB Manifold (D) and LOOP IC Controller bracket to stand. Slide the LOOP IC Controller into bracket. Velcro® tape is also included as an optional attachment method.
Step 6
An IR receiving sensor is located on the front of the LOOP IC Controller and is what receives control and on-demand signals from the wireless remote. An additional remote IR sensor is included in case you choose to mount your LOOP IC controller underneath your aquarium stand. To mount sensor, unwrap cable and attach the IR sensor to your stand using the stick tape. Ensure cable can reach IC light manifold HUB.

About Current
Current USA focuses on "What's Next" for the aquarium hobby. From their TrueLumen PRO LED strips, Satellite line of freshwater LED lights to the Orbit Marine saltwater reef LEDs, Current USA is changing the way people experience their aquariums.

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