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Treating Ich Without Harming Invertebrates

Treating Ich Without Harming Invertebrates

Can I effectively treat Ich without harming invert tank mates?

Many commercial Ich treatments utilize copper to kill the Ich parasite. This is fine in fish-only aquariums, but copper is toxic to aquatic invertebrates like snails, crabs, shrimp, and crayfish. So, if your sick fish are sharing an aquarium with invertebrates, what's your best course of action?

Prevention and treatment of Ich

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Remedy the situation causing your fish stress. Carefully consider water quality, water temperature, nutrition, and adequate cover. Most often, temperature fluctuations are to blame for Ich infections.
  2. Isolate and treat infected fish. Hospice aquariums, usually 10-20 gallons, help you target only the diseased fish. This allows you to dose with a commercial Ich treatment such as Cupramine, Super Ick Cure™, or Rid-Ich+, while your inverts remain safely in the main aquarium.
  3. Help your fish fight infection from the inside out. You can use a product such as Garlic Xtreme, an all-natural and invert-safe way to boost your fishes' immune systems and help them fight off Ich infestation. MelaFix is another product you can use to calm your fish, ease stress and aid in the healing process.

Invertebrates are the "cleanup crews" in our aquariums, so it's important to take extra measures to protect their health while treating their sick tank mates. With a little prevention - and isolation when needed - you can ensure the best health of your whole aquarium.

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